I Like to Lie About My Weekends

Lazy Jennifer Lawrence

‘So what do you have planned for the weekend?’

‘Nothing, I’m going to be sleeping in, watching movies, sitting on Facebook and playing Wii’

That’s how I would answer if spending the weekend at home, alone, was socially acceptable.

What do I do instead? Lie.

‘I’m going out to dinner tonight with friends and I’m having a BBQ with my family tomorrow’ has been one of my standard responses, most recently used yesterday with my boss.

Being an introvert I love spending a decent amount of time on the weekend on my own, yet if I admitted this to most people they would think I’m antisocial, strange, and a bit of a loner. Ok so maybe that last part has a bit of truth in it. I do wish I had a few more friends and that I would have more to do on my weekend, but even if I was bombarded with invites by friends to hang out I would still need precious ‘me’ time.

What makes it worse is my mother who doesn’t understand me at all, she thinks I’m completely abnormal for my age. Of course she’s more of an extrovert and cannot relate to how I feel at all.

Let me know in the comments below how you like to spend your weekends, I’m interested to know if other introverts feel the same way or whether I’m just being antisocial!