I Like to Lie About My Weekends

Lazy Jennifer Lawrence

‘So what do you have planned for the weekend?’

‘Nothing, I’m going to be sleeping in, watching movies, sitting on Facebook and playing Wii’

That’s how I would answer if spending the weekend at home, alone, was socially acceptable.

What do I do instead? Lie.

‘I’m going out to dinner tonight with friends and I’m having a BBQ with my family tomorrow’ has been one of my standard responses, most recently used yesterday with my boss.

Being an introvert I love spending a decent amount of time on the weekend on my own, yet if I admitted this to most people they would think I’m antisocial, strange, and a bit of a loner. Ok so maybe that last part has a bit of truth in it. I do wish I had a few more friends and that I would have more to do on my weekend, but even if I was bombarded with invites by friends to hang out I would still need precious ‘me’ time.

What makes it worse is my mother who doesn’t understand me at all, she thinks I’m completely abnormal for my age. Of course she’s more of an extrovert and cannot relate to how I feel at all.

Let me know in the comments below how you like to spend your weekends, I’m interested to know if other introverts feel the same way or whether I’m just being antisocial!


4 thoughts on “I Like to Lie About My Weekends

  1. I totally get what you’re saying. I also prefer spending time on my own on the weekends. Its the only time I get to relax and if I decide to do social stuff it can get pretty exhausting. I need my alone time to recharge but it’s tough for people who are not like that to get it. When people ask me what I did over the weekend I am very vague and will say one of two nothings: “homework” or “nothing” which is only half true. I got tired of explaining to people why I preferred to stay home and read, write or watch Netflix, over going out with friends.

    • Exactly! Although I used to say ‘homework’ but people would judge me and say that I’m a nerd or that I should go out instead. I also feel pressured to act extroverted during the week so the weekend is the time I have for being myself and to recharge.

  2. Yeah I do the same thing. I colored out the v on my “Live Long” wrist band. I especially hate talking on the phone and having to respond to the same ole question like, “What did you do for the holidays, or your days off?”. I always get the feeling that people know that I’m lying when I said I went out to my friends house or downtown because I always use those same excuses. And if they ask me what I did at my friends or downtown then. I try to cut the conversation short and ask what they did so to take the attention off me lol. People will never understand our need for solitude.

  3. I’ve just discovered your blog and been reading it for the last hour. It’s like you’re me, because everything you write on here relates to me somehow. I’ve never had a boyfriend and every week my colleagues ask what I’m doing on weekends and I awkwardly say something like homework or sleeping and it sounds so lame. Honestly though I don’t feel like going out in the weekends or ever and I’d rather be home alone. (are you sure you’re not me?) Also my best friend got herself a boyfriend recently and I am happy for her, but I’m also slightly jealous. It’s just that I’ve never had that experience, never even been kissed and I’m nineteen for gods sake, and I wish so badly to have it sometime, I’m just to socially awkward and not pretty enough, but I’m not sure I want to change, just for the sake of a boy. I just wish they would show more interest in me.

    I’m really sorry for rambling about myself just now, I just needed to tell someone and I just relate to your posts so well. I really hope it will turn out right for us in the future and that we will be very happy.
    And I actually just realised that I am happy, maybe I should just stop looking for the right guy and be happy with who I actually am.

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