I know first dates are meant to be awkward, but this is a bit much…

Ok so you have read my previous posts you may know I’ve never had a boyfriend, but up until recently I’d also never been on a proper date (shock, horror!)

Anyway, I will get straight onto what happened at the super awkward drinks.

One of the first things my date says to me is ‘this may sound weird, but can you smell my cologne? I might have put on too much. It’s meant to have pheromones in it.’

Super weird.

Who, for starters, asks their date to smell them, and the secondly tells them they are wearing some stupid cologne that’s meant to make women fall all over you?!

After that incredibly awkward start the conversation is relatively normal for a while, until a few drinks in when he says the following:

  • He once got a super expensive gift for his sister, if he had of spent that much on a girl he liked instead he would have got ‘totally laid’
  • ‘men cannot be raped. You cannot force a guy to get aroused.’
  • ‘Have you done any illegal substances?’

He was also incredibly blunt in his attempts to flirt:

  • ‘what does you ideal guy look like?’
  • ‘Who is your celebrity crush?’
  • ‘Do you have a weird fetish – well not fetish but a weird attraction to something in a man that other people normally don’t have?’
  • ‘Being a pretty girl, I bet guys hit on you all the time’
  • ‘I like your dress’ (touches my arm) ‘where did you get it?’ (I know you don’t really give a damn!)

Given that I don’t have much experience in the dating scene (okay, none), maybe I should pass this off as nerves on his behalf – or a total lack of game?

He is chasing me for a second date – now I have to decide if I should give him a second chance (this will at least make me more used to going on dates), or aim higher and potentially be dateless for who knows how long…  what do you think? Let me know in the comments below.